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What is CoinSamurai?

CoinSamurai is an automated trading bot for the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange.


CoinSamurai is completely self-contained and needs no installation.  Simply copy the executable to any Windows PC and you're ready to go!

CoinSamurai is fast and efficient, and is capable of trading ALL coins on Poloniex at once.  Intelligent caching and batching of commands prevents overloading Poloniex and triggering the dreaded "422" errors so common with other software.

CoinSamurai is ready to use out of the box, with no configuration required, however it also supports an advanced scripting language, enabling you to develop sophisticated strategies.

In addition to the default settings, CoinSamurai allows you to define up to 10 other profiles, each with different settings and choose which one to apply to each coin.


Main screen for cryptocurrency trading bot
Main Screen


chart display for cryptocurrency trading bot
Display charts for each currency


Easily monitor trends over 5 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes on the main screen.


Trends for cryptocurrency trading bot
Watch for developing trends


Choose either simple, one-click conditions...


Simple strategy for cryptocurrency trading bot
Simple condition


Or develop sophisticated strategies using the Expression Builder ...


build expressions for cryptocurrency trading bot
Expression Builder


Expression builder supports programmatic access to chart data for the last 24 hours

For example [Close:0] is the closing price of the most recent 15 minute candle and [Close:99] is the closing price 25 hours ago.

Likewise [EMA1:0] is the most recent calculated value for EMA1 (with the period as defined on the settings page)


Supported expressions include :-

  • Valid Tags from the list shown
  • Numeric values
  • Mathematical operators (+, -, *, /) 
  • Equality, inequality and comparison operators (=, <>, >=, <=)
  • Logical Operators (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Array operators e.g.  IN (1, 2, 3)
  • Brackets   ()
  • "True" and "False"


Watch as each condition is satisfied ...


Buy signals for cryptocurrency trading bot
Buy conditions


Set trailing stops for each rule ...


For example you could define 3 rules, each with an associated trailing stop :-

Rule 1.    Profit >= 4%  (Action: Set Trail Stop to -4% ie Break Even)

Rule 2.    Profit >= 6%  (Action: Set Trail Stop to -2% ie Lock in 4% profit)

Rule 3.    Profit >= 8%  (Action: Set Trail Stop to -1% ie Lock in 7% profit)


Why not try it today?


Simply register to download a free trial copy, valid for 30 days.